Introduction to Low Power Rocketry Edit

Liquidator orange

Estes liquidator rocket lifting off on a D12 engine.

Low Power Rocketry or LPR is considered as the foundation for model rocketry. Low power rocketry denotes rockets whose total impulse equals up to or below "D" engine(20 Newton Second)size. Each succeeding letter denotes up to twice the total impulse (power) of the smaller letter. For example a "C" size motor is twice as powerful as a "B" size and a "B" size is twice as powerful as an "A" size. Not all rockets are fueled by black powder motors, there are some rockets fueled by air, water, and even some experimental type motors, though experimental motors tend to be in the high power range.

For technical information about this hobby please visit the wikipedia model rocketry page. I am hoping this Wikia will be a library of experiences, hints, tips, knowledge and help for the rocketeering low power community so we can all help each other and enjoy this hobby more than we already do.
Fab 11 June 2006

Hints and Tips Edit

  • When priming and painting your rocket it is better to use more thin coats than less thick coats and lightly sand between each fully dry coat !!
    Fab 11 June 2006