Abbreviation PMC
Event Type Craftsmanship
Pink Book Rule 55
Weighting Factor
Flight Attempts Allowed 2
10.4 Applicable? Yes
Pink Book Rule #55

Plastic Model Conversion Competition comprises a single event open to model rockets that have been assembled from commercially available plastic model kits of guided missiles, rocket vehicles, space vehicles, or jets whose engines are in or spaced apart to the rear of the fuselage. The model must be one that the manufacturer did not produce as a model to be flown; and it must be modified for safe and stable flight by the contestant. The purpose of this competition is to produce a flying model from a kit originally intended as a static model; that shows maximum craftsmanship in construction, finish, and flight performance. The entry must be representative of the kit chosen, as designed by the manufacturer. It is not the purpose of this competition to allow entries which represent original and/or imaginative designs on the part of the contestant that incidentally are executed using parts from plastic kits as a basis.[1]


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