Space Systems
Abbreviation SPSY
Event Type Craftsmanship
Pink Book Rule 54
Weighting Factor
Flight Attempts Allowed 2
10.4 Applicable? Yes
Pink Book Rule #54

Space Systems Competition comprises a single event open to any entry that closely resembles an existing or historical guided missile, rocket vehicle, or space vehicle, simulates in-flight performance of the prototype vehicle, and optionally includes a launcher. The purpose of this competition is to duplicate in miniature the full-scale operation of a sounding rocket or space vehicle and its launch complex.

Operation simulations may include, but are not limited to: Egg Loft Competition simulating astronauts or cosmonauts, Precision Predicted Altitude achieving the scale altitude of the prototype, Precision Predicted Duration achieving the flight duration of the prototype, Spot Landing Competition simulating planned recovery, clustering, staging, and deployments.[1]


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