Abbreviation SPSC
Event Type Craftsmanship
Pink Book Rule 53
Weighting Factor
Flight Attempts Allowed 2
10.4 Applicable? Yes
Pink Book Rule #53

Sport Scale Competition comprises three events open to any model rocket that closely resembles an existing or historical guided missile, rocket vehicle, or space vehicle. The purpose of this competition is to produce a flying replica of a real rocket vehicle that exhibits maximum craftsmanship in construction, finish, and flight performance. Sport Scale Competition differs from Scale Competition in that the dimensions of the model are not directly measured.[1]

Sport ScaleEdit

Any size model may be entered.

Giant Sport ScaleEdit

The model must be at least 100 centimeters in overall length or at least 10 centimeters in body diameter. Vehicles with significant outer assemblies or winged vehicles qualify if their length plus wingspan totals at least 100 centimeters or if their girth (as measured once around in a plane perpendicular to the centerline of the model by a length of string around the components not including the fins or wings) totals at least 31.4 centimeters.

Peanut Sport ScaleEdit

The model must be no more than 30 centimeters in overall length or no more than 2 centimeters in body diameter. When judging this class, the increased difficulty of building a very small model should be considered.


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