Spot Landing
Abbreviation PSL
Event Type Miscellaneous
Pink Book Rule 60
Weighting Factor
Flight Attempts Allowed 1
10.4 Applicable? No
Pink Book Rule #60

Spot Landing Competition comprises three events open to single-staged entries. The purpose of this competition is to land the entry so that the tip of its nose cone is closest to a predetermined spot on the ground.[1]

Parachute Spot LandingEdit

Each entry must deploy a parachute, with dimensions no less than 15 centimeters square or 15 centimeters in diameter for recovery purposes.

Streamer Spot LandingEdit

Each entry must deploy a streamer with dimensions not less than 25 millimeters by 300 millimeters.

Open Spot LandingEdit

Any type of recovery device allowed, provided it conforms to the provisions of Rule 3.5.


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